About Us


We are a dedicated Group of men who love the Lord and love to sing His praise and glory. We have been doing our work for him since 1982. We are men from all walks of life and from several areas of Wisconsin, 11 different denominations and 27 different churches.

Concerts normally start in March and end the last Sunday in June. It is not uncommon to have two concerts per sunday during our concert season. Practice starts in about mid September and go to March or when our concert season starts.


It all started as a tragic plane crash for a parishioner in 1981. It was then that the holy spirit was with a Pastor and the Parishioner as they rode to visit hospitals together. They talked about younger days of singing gospel music with men from all walks of life. It was then that the establishment of the Chorus started taking place. Men were invited that loved the lord and were willing to sing about it. The end result was the Friesland Community Men's Chorus which was officially established in 1982 and is now 50+ men strong.


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